Peru trip April 11 2016-15


ich habe die gleichen erfahrungen wie claudia philipp gemacht. die gruppe war etwas zu gross,aber es ging trotzdem noch ganz gut. schade war das wir die fuehrung in machu piccu fuer uns nicht stattgefunden hat,da wir die bergtour gebucht hatten. das essen war sehr gut.
Der tranport auf dem Hinweg war etwas schlecht organisiert, so das wir sehr wenig ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 08 2016

Inca Trail experience

My experience was awesome !!.. From the very first day until the last one. The second day was very challenging but Rony, Our tour guide, helped us with dealin with altitude sickness. he gave us coca leaves to chew which help with the altitude as well as a herbal medicine made from local flowers that you rub on your hands ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 08 2016-1

Great trip !!

In general good service in the cusco office the actual trek was great . Ronny the guide was knowledgable and kind an the food was excellent .
Everything was explained well and luckily we had good weather ! the goup was nice and we were able to able to have some good experiences . Ronny told us lost of ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 08 2016-1

Now you have my heart

Was able to reconnect and learn about my history (my father is peruvian )whie also engaging in some intense. Correction, crazy hikes up and down mountains, valleys and rievers . i will most definitely be doing this again. Oh and the ruins !! absolutely breathtaking. as for the company i chose to do the tek with, I have only positive ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 08 2016-1

My Inca Trail hike

I had a great time on this trip. It was a challenge each day b ut it was worth it . Completing the four day Inca Trail hike gives you a great sense of accomplishment.
The food was very good and there was plenty yo eat at each meal. Every meal was varied and it served as an ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 11 2016-1

Mi ultima Aventura

Durante mucho tiempo desee tener esta experiencia, realizar un esfuerzo físico y mental. Con la que una persona tiene una competencia personal.
Demostrarse así misma que es capaz de lograr lo que se propone. Que uno tiene que ponerse retos, y trabajar para lograrlos. Sobre mi aventura SALKANTAY, he de decir que lo logre. Es una experiencia que toda ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 11 2016-1

Team Tendonitis

The adventure was awesome, the team that supported the Trek with was very supportive and concerned for our well being.
The trek is hard but attainable with proper gear and some training. Also this is a team trek that becomes a family and decisions are made for the enjoyment of the team. I would definitely recommend the tour guide ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 11 2016-3

The diary of a lost man

Before signing up for this adventure, i didnt really know what to expect. I just wanted to get away from all the mainstream touristic paths and discover something new that would cut me from my day to day routine.
Well, i haven't been disappointed, even better, i consider this adventure as one of the best thing i did ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 11 2016

Ouchy calves

I recommend the Salkantay trek, as an experience that everyone should experience in their lifetime - incredible landscape.
It was my first time to Peru and I don't speak Spanish - as a result I was often confused about logistics and unclear about what was an "add-on" to the experience and what was included. Hindsight 20/20 I wish I ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 11 2016

What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger

Expect half your party to get sick or hurt. Don't overestimate your capabilities and be prepared for the altitude the best you can.
I used to live at higher altitude so I thought I didn't need to pack meds. I got so sick I couldn't even see straight. Thankfully my group mates took care of me. Really great people ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 11 2016-5

Amigos trek

Salkantay trek has amazing scenery!. The food cooked by chefs was delicious. Make sure to have lots of coco leaves and tea to keep altitude sickness at bay! .
Second day was the hardest but the most rewarding. The trick is to go slow and at your own pace.
The walk up to the glacier lake was tough ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 11 2016-1

Wild life

I went with my girlfriend. We had a great time on the Salkantay trek. The hikes took us through some incredible scenery.
We saw a glacier lake in which I took a swim. We saw the peak of Salkantay mountain and witnessed a huge avalanche in the distance. We saw the jungle and enjoyed the flora and fauna. The ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 11 2016

It won’t be that easy they said

Salkantay trek was an incredible journey to share with my family and friends. Together we survived rain, cold, bugs, and ouchy muscles with a very fun group that quickly became close friends.
Watch out for altitude sickness and make sure to drink lots of water. The guide was vigilant to make sure everyone was comfortable and voiced their ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 11 2016-2

Tough but fun

5 days of exhaustion but good times. Day one was chilled, camped in a beautiful valley and hiked up to a super beautiful lagoon.
The walk up is an hour of steep slog. Day two was crazy hard, nothing could have prepared me for the intense 12 hours of steep ups send steep downs. Views amazing along the way ... Continue Reading

Peru trip April 11 2016-3

Team tendinitis

This was my first experience trekking and camping. I really enjoyed this trip and had so much fun getting to know other group members.
I don't think the hiking was as arduous or difficult as I expected. However, the second day was very long and many people in the group experienced altitude sickness and foot and joint pains, myself ... Continue Reading