Peru trip April 09 2016

Coolest alternative to train to Machu Picchu

Wow!! What a fun adventure! IncaTrailReservations makes the hike to Machu Picchu over the Inca Trail AWESOME!! The whole operation was extremely smooth and efficient.
The tour guides, Victor and Juan, made sure that we were all best informed of every single step. And they also made it fun!! Very important, because the trail is hard and ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 08 2016

Without a tres

Beautiful trek!!!. I enjoyed my time on the trail and found the journey pleasantly challenging. We got to see mountain lakes and passes, spiritual symbols and many exotic flora and fauna.
We had to step carefully around cows in our path and avoid getting trampled by horses and buses alike. I did not realize the experience would include hot ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 08 2016-3

Expedición Camino Inca

Este camino es muy hermoso, por la vegetación, las montañas y los paisajes que se aprecian.
Es admirable como nuestros antepasados construyeron este camino en un terreno tan variado en cuanto a altitud. No me imagine subir y bajar tantas escalinatas. Asimismo, cambiar la altura tan precipitadamente.Aprecio mucho el servicio eficiente del Guía Sr. Rony que tuvo a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 08 2016-2

Great Trek!

The Inca trail was an amazing four day experience. It was much better than I expected. While I had anticipated the hike and Machu Picchu, I had not given much thought to the the history and culture that the trip included. The views that we got to see were breathtaking and difficult to capture in a picture. The first day ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 07 2016-3

My Big Adventure by Keith aged 52 and a half

Absolutely marvelous time. The trek seems impossible but it is possible and the views are real but seem unreal. A once in a lifetime experience, that is, unless you do it again.
The food is excellent and very good for vegetarians too. The camping is great and there are porters to carry your stuff if you can't quite ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 07 2016-8

Coca adventure

I went on the inca Trail tour with these amazing guys: the group of mixed nationalities, funny enthusiastic guides, impressingly strong porters and gourmet chefes.
We had a great trip with a tight, well-scheduled program where we got to see all the important places and hear all the stories and explanations behind it. I have absolutely ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 07 2016-6

Bum shuffle

Where to begin. It all started with meeting a group of strangers from all walks of life with one goal in conquer Machu Picchu.
The journey started with an early morning wake up call but little did I know the wake up calls would only get earlier. I spent four days trekking over the mountain with these ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip April 07 2016-5

Machu Picchu and mucho sexy llamas

I signed up for the trail without any idea of what was involved (uh oh). As Paul our guide led the introduction talk I groaned in the background- Paul stopped talking and said "anything wrong señorita?".
That was the beginning of a beautiful but hard journey- everyone not just the guides cheering you on. As we camped, trekked ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 07 2016-6

Danish mammi’s

This trip was great! From the bottom aaaaaaall the way to the top - the food, guides, the group, the lovely Lamas and of course the sight! I would recommend for everyone!.
This place is amazing, cool, awesome, nice and a perfect exemple on paradise on earth, the beach has nothing on this! I'm in love with ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation April 07 2016-5

I only cried once

I was blessed to see the sights that I saw. I'm happy to have experienced the trail and I'm to never do it again.
This was a trip of a life time that I went on with my best friend and that makes it all more interesting. We will have stories to share forever. Like the beauty of ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation April 07 2016-3

OMG :)

Hi it's Raylene from Canadá ;) I would like to thank Paul,Liz,and Frank and the rest of the crew from Inca Trail Reservations for the most craziest adventure.
I have ever been on!!! four days of hiking. Up down down down..and even inca flats were not flat lol. spectacular views of mountains and glaciers and of course ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 07 2016-5

Amazing crazy Incas

I had a wonderful 4d/3n inca trek. We walked and walked on inca roads and steps for many km.
We trekked through dry hot areas, high cold and foggy altitudes, and through adventurous cloud forest. The amazing micro ecosystems was a great experience. Along the inca trail, we visited mystical inca ruins. It was an amazing experience to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel April 07 2016-1

Llama granos de café

My time on the Inca Trail was something , I will remember for a very long time!! Inca Trail Reservations guides, porters, chefs are amazing!!! .
The food and preparation was something I never experienced before, so many flavours. Porters that passed us by so many times are some of the most impressive machines, making our stay in the ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 07 2016-12

Stairway to heaven

It's Thursday morning I'm waking up at 5h to meet the others persons I'm going to spend the next four days with.
We all meet at the bus, a little drive and their we are for a trip to remember for the rest of are lives and new friends as well. First day it's easy, to see are ... Continue Reading

Peru travel April 07 2016

Paul’s night sky tales!

What a fantastic trip!. From the very beginning Inca Trail Reservations have shown their expert professionalism and dedication in providing us with an unbelievable time.
My wife and I came to Peru to celebrate our 30th wedding anniversary. The online chat cleared up a couple of questions and we were all set for our holiday.
The guides ... Continue Reading