Peru travel March 08 2016-1

Machu :)

Inca Trail Reservation gave me a great experience. Very profesional and great service. The food was amazing and the staff were very helpful.
Big Thanks to our guide Raul who taught us a lot about the Inca culture. You really get spoiled to have such amazing view everyday and such service. The staff organized everything perfect. The tents were ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 08 2016-1

Difficult trail for me

3 nights and 4 days trail better to thinks too long and hard field for one night and two days. But better to exercise the usual manhi but worry a little much , anayway, let the firm would have applied had the heart.
Wake up in the morning starting at 4:00 to eat breakfast, simply by five ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 10 2016

The best trip ever

Realizamos el inca trail de 2 Días y una noche con la empresa Inca Trail Reservations. La experiencia fue maravillosa con atención de primera por parte de la empresa y Juana la guía local LA MEJOR a la hora de estimular y otorgar con imitators historicos sobre la cultura Inca.
La primera parte del viaje fue pesada en lo ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 07 2016-1

Conquering the mountain

I had a wonderful experience with my Machu Picchu adventure! Incredible knowledgeable guide and felt very safe.
This is a must do for your bucket list! Truly a transformational experience. Take your time, enjoy every step, and take lots of pictures. Remember to breathe and embrace the sacred culture. Day 2 is a beast, but you can do it! ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 07 2016-1

The Hike of a lifetime

Great experience overall! Had an incredible Guide, Marcos, who was incredibly informative and made us feel very safe and secure.
I would highly suggest this trip to anyone looking for an adventure leading to one of the wonders of the world. Although this Trek can be tiring, it is well worth it in the end With the ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 10 2016


Hicimos el inka Trail de 2 días. NUNCA en toda nuestra vida habíamos echo algo de ejercicio, y déjenme decirles que ES POSIBLE!!, Con el equipamiento adecuado (imprescindible doble calzado y doble muda) y con guías super experimentados como los que te ofrece esta empresa todo se puede.
No dejen que el miedo les impida vivir esta aventura increíble ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 07 2016-7

Move those lazy legs senoras

Where to begin?! The adventure started off with an amazing group and the 2 best guides Paul and Marco.
Clean bodies and happy faces we are ready to go. The first day was easy hiking wise with a few hills, seeing the people living along the trail going about their lives was interesting as were the many facts we ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 07 2016-2

4 days in the sky

The journey of a lifetime started with a great group of people meeting for the first time and ended with some sore legs and some pisco sours for good measure.
Whilst the weather and the altitude varied drastically the scenery was always breathtaking. Our guides Paul and Marco were nothing but excellent and the insight we gained ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 07 2016-3

No lazy legs allowed !

It was an epic experience overall, the tour was so professionally run from the start to the end.
The company was very easy to deal with and they provide excellent customer service. The 4 day tour was a magical experience, the porters were amazing, the work that they do is incredible. The chef Raúl and his team cooked unbelievable ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 07 2016-8

Señores y señoritas lazy legs

I had an absolutely amazing time with inca trail reservations. Paúl, Marco, and the 13 porters really did all they could to make sure we had an amazing time.
We didnt just hike the trail, we experienced it as the ancient inka's did; we learned history, myth and deep deep meaning along the way. At times it ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 07 2016-9

I love the night clubs in Peru!

I got to Peru worried about my back and not being able to complete the hike. As soon as I got there the team/family atmosphere and our awesome guides made the hike easy to complete.
While some of the stages proved to be challenging, that made them that much more rewarding. First day was a good introduction to the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 07 2016-1

How to make cocaine.

Blood, sweat and laughter, pretty much summarize this trip. To sett the alarm 5 am in the morning the first day (and every other day) was not something that I was looking forward to, but I'm damn glad I did.
Because walking the Inca-trail is something that everyone should experience at least once in a lifetime. This trip could ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 07 2016-6

I came, I saw and then I came.

I came, I saw and I conquered the inca trail. See what I saw, everyone should see. Thanks to a group that was fantastic, two guides that kicked ass and a big luck with weather.
True love for nature and history led me here. I came with a little knowledge about inca's, but leaving with a ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 07 2016-8

Best Butt Kicking

I can't imagine seeing Machu Picchu any other way than by the inca trail. Every time I thought it couldnt get harder or more awesome, It did.
Hiking the Inca Trail was such good preparation for seeing Machu Picchu. ITS almost a sort of spiritual Journey leading you through history With the inca and bringing you to ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 07 2016-3

The Laziest Legs

The Inca Trail was amazing. It was a special experience to walk in the foot steps of the Incas.
Day two was the toughest hike of my life, but it provided a great setting for what was to come. You could really feel the history of the región, all while surrounded by incredible natural beauty. The staff was great, ... Continue Reading