Machu Picchu vacation December 01 2015-2

Grind killer

The inca trail trek and Machu Picchu was amazing experience, the way the guides adapted to the unforeseeable circumstances of the strike from the locals of the sacred valley.
Although the days were hard, the guides and porters kept us in high spirits. The food was amazing although the final packed lunch was lacking any nutritional value, and there ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation December 01 2015-3

3 days, 3 nights and 1 hour

Overall an amazing experience. A lot more challenging than i ever expected. The guides and the porters were amazing.
We had amazing weather the entire time, only one imsranc of rain in rainy season. Even though we ran into a snag of there being a strike forcing us to start later than expected, the guides handled the situation incredibly ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 30 2015-2

Breathtaking trip starting with a coca tea

The Inca Trail reservations provided a once in a lifetime adventure that I will never forget.
With the efforts of the porters, cook and the tour guides our trip has been one amazing adventure from the starting coca tea to the last beer.
The whole crew was like a small family and everyone was extremely kind and helpful. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 30 2015

Coca leave infused journey of a lifetime

The Incas Trail is a must-do when you are in Cusco. The whole experience was arranged by Inca Trail Reservations and we got everything we wished for and more.
Even though we had rainy wheather and at the top of the mountains it was very cold, it was still and experience we will never forget. The cook will make ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 30 2015-1

Amazing track and adventure

it was a nice and interesting track, we enjoyed every moment of it. The food is amazing, better compared to home. The porters are nice and strong. The guides knowledge about the inca trail is very impressive.
The first day is a good warming up, it is an easy day compared to the 2nd day. the 2nd day is ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 30 2015-4

Speedy Gonzales inca adventure

Was a really great trip, met loads of great people, saw some amazing views and really challenged myself on some days.
I did find that i had a quicker pace than most in my group but it just gave me a chance to take in the views while they caught up to me. Highlights included swimming in the Glacier ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 30 2015-1

Want ‘Machu’ of this

The most adventurous and amazing vacations that I've had. I was introduced to the Inka culture and all its knowledge, religious, engineering and everything else about the culture, plants, symbol, and others.
Greatly recommended to everyone who wants to dive deeper in a great adventure, learning about the wise people who lived before us. Great mind, great Inka people ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 30 2015-3

So Manchu fun

The trek was excellently organized, I appreciated the many different forms of transportation if we were feeling tired.
Juana constantly took care of us. In just everyday trekking and went above the call of duty when we had altitude sickness and other forms of sickness.
All the people on the trek were very helpful and made ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 28 2015-2

Machu Picchu survival

I'm glad I experienced this Inka trail. It was amazing to meet so many great people as we called our team- the dream team.
Our guides Victor and Marcos were very helpful, friendly and supportive too. Especially Victor was always bringing the positive energy to the team and always gave very nice explanations about Machu Picchu and Inca civilization. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 28 2015-3


I really enjoyed the hike and everything I learned along the way. The guides were fun and we had a great group.
Everything was very interesting and fun. Marco and Victor were great always accommodating our needs. The cooks and porters were such an important part of the trip, and the food was very good.
I was surprised ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 28 2015-4

WiFiless trek

It was a journey of a lifetime and not for the faint of heart. Fantastic, beautiful scenery. The Inca trail hike makes a person appreciate much more the Machu Pichu experience so much more meaningful.
The friends I made I will remember fore the rest of my life. And I will recommend Inca Trail to my friends. Our guides ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 28 2015-1

Best team

It was a very fun and exciting adventure to Machu Picchu. I learned a lot about the Inca people.
We went at a pretty good pace throughout the trails. We stopped at the ruins and were taught lots of interesting information about the structures and the people. The porters were very helpful with providing and carrying our tents and ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 28 2015-3

Inca Trail Made Easy(er)

I had a great time on this trek. The tour guides were knowledgeable and encouraging, and the trek well planned.
I can't say enough about the porters as they made life much easier. They woke us up first thing in the morning with coca tea in the tent and soon after we had a full breakfast waiting for us ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 28 2015

Piece of cake

This was our second trip touring on the inca trail to Machu Picchu, our first was a private tour in 2012 and it was an amazing and life transforming experience.
Our two oldest boys were seniors in high school this year and they expressed wanting to do this trek with us.We signed up as a group tour and met ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip November 28 2015

Llamas rock

This was our second trip to Machu Picchu on the inca trail and we had a completely different and amazing experience.
Our first trip was on a private tour and this trip was with a group. We made some great friends that were from all over the world and we were all from different walks of life. Victor and ... Continue Reading