Machu Picchu travel August 26 2015-1

More Steps

I have never climbed so many steps in my life and enjoyed it so much. I love going uphill, love incredible stone work , so perfect trip for me.
The staff, guides, porters and kitchen crew are amazing. Incatrails is an excellent tour group. The trip was very well organized, excellent instructions, and well paced for the vast range ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 30 2015

The best experience I ever had

For a long time I want to do this trip to Machu Picchu. I was very exited to see and learn about the Inca culture. The day I started to read about the Inca Trail , I said "that is what I want" My daughter and I booked it!! .
This was the most incredible experience I ever ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 30 2015-5

Ladies of the night

it all began on a Sunday morning very early! We met our guides and the cutest porters I have ever met!! The entire experience was incredible!.
The guides were brilliant and kept us entertained even if there English pronunciation is sometimes a bit off. (Ask Paul how to pronounce teeth) I wish I could say that I have lost ... Continue Reading

Peru travel August 30 2015-2

Pay back trip

This was my moms idea, and I can't say no to my mom so I decided to go along. We arrived two days before the trip to get used to the altitude which was a great idea not only for the altitude but also because the airline lost our baggage and we didn't get it until the next day.
... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 27 2015

Machu Picchu or Bust!!!

I cannot find enough words of praise to describe our guide Carlos. He was hands down the best guide to have.
His English was great, as my Spanish is very poor. He keeps you motivated every step of the way. Even when they become excruciating and you think you can't go on. He explains each day what to expect ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 27 2015-3

Fun trail !!!

Had a great time on my Salkantay Trek! Our guide, Carlos, was great. He was very attentive and friendly.
He explained the plan for each day the night before and made sure we were ok with them. On the trail, Carlos explained and pointed out landmarks and points of interest as well as animals and plants.When we were tired ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 27 2015-1

Salkantay with Carlos

I had so much fun doing the Salkantay trail. The best of the trip was having Carlos as the trip guide.
He was always happy, encouraging all of the people in the group, and made sure that everybody was ok, he has the best Herat ever. The trip was hard.
The first day was freezing, the hiking was ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 29 2015

Hola :)

First of all, this is an awesome and seriously challenging Trek. Carlos was an awesome Guide. He made it fun, interesting and a great learning experience.
If I were booking It again, I would insist on Carlos because he is informed, happy and very hard working. The assistants on the Trek, the cooks, drivers and horseman were so hard ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 29 2015-1

Fun in the sun

this was the best trip I have ever taken! Carlos our guide made our entire trip wonderful! His knowledge of the area and culture made the trek an unforgettable experience.
Understand that this trek is not for the faint of heart,it is very demanding, both physically and mentally,and there will be times you want to give ... Continue Reading

Peru trip August 29 2015

Thoroughly enjoyable experience

I am a doctor from the UK . I took the trek to Machu Pichu with ,I travelled with one Brazilian and 5 Americans , We all shared concerns about our fitness and forward but overcame these anxieties .
The first day was spent at high altitude Shortness of breath was the norm , Camping at night made ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 28 2015-1

Amazing trail

It was a great experience. This was my first time in south america. The scenery was beautiful. The porters were amazing.
I was amazed how much weight they can carry up those steep steps. The food was great. It was amazing how the chef could cook such great food in the mountains with limited facilities.
The tour guides ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel August 28 2015-1

Fantastic adventure

i had an amazing experience on the Trail. The toughest hike i have done yet.
Even though it rained on the last day It was an amazing feeling walking in the rain with our ponchos.
We had a great group of people in our group and It was great to share this adventure with them and all our ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation August 28 2015-2


Very well organized and food was Excellent. Felt a great deal of respect for the porters and also enjoyed their company and presence. Felt the course was not too challenging but the early mornings and sleeps in the tent were tough. Also enjoyed the two tour leaders as I felt their presence was comforting and they were always able to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip August 28 2015-1

Andy’s trek

Had An jncredible trip. The trek was challenging at times but always enjoyable and fun.
The guides Edwin and Lizette were super and I would like to record Lizette laughing and put it as my phone ringtone. The food was amazing and incredibly varied. I loved how much avocado was used! The chef is a genie and even baked ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation August 28 2015-2

inca experience

I really enjoyed this incredible experience. From the very beginning I had the best fun. The food was far better than I ever expected. He 2 guides were so helpful md always up for the laugh.
I will recommend this trip and Inca Trail Reservations for the full experience. People food and fun!!.The 3rd night we camped in ... Continue Reading