Machu Picchu trip July 25 2015

Easy Peasy lemon squeeze

this trip is perfect for anyone looking for a unique experience in South America. This trip was an amazing adventure that allowed me to see the storied Andes first hand and to learn about Incan culture.
The staff was experienced, knowledgable, and determined to provide us with the best experience possible. The trails were beautiful and the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 25 2015


Once upon a time there was a company which offered a great great great trip to Machu Picchu.
Starring: A humorous friendly and caring guide and 8 awesome group members from all over the world. They spent a great time in the nature of Peru. The days were full of hiking, swimming in the hot springs, zip lining, eating ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 25 2015-3

Super dupper hiking tropers

The tour started very well. A great we breakfast in a nice andnean village. The first day hiking was nice and easy - a relaxing intro to the rest of the trip.
Second day was the hardest - but the mist impressive anyway, the whole trip was great. Our guide, Raul, was fantastic - very knowledgable, fun and patient. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 25 2015

Super-Dooper Trek

The Salkantay trek proved to be a truly great way to experience the Andes in Peru.
Although an extremely challenging trek, the guide and the staff members were professional and experienced. I highly recommend Raul as a tour guide. Raul is both knowledgeable about the culture and history of the Incan Empire and is relatable and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 25 2015-2

Super Duper Hikers !!

I started planning a trip to Machu Picchu with a travel buddy. We had initially intended on doing the Inca Trail as that is the.
It's well known, but it was booked well past our travel dates. We researched and discovered Salkantay Trek and are more than p,eased that we ended up on this trek. It was absolutely wonderful ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 25 2015-1

Super duper hikers

the trek was beautiful! Great way to see some Peruvian mountains. The first day ended with an alpine lake with swimming if you are an Eskimo. Great views the entire second day and into the next.
The mountain into hydoelectric was a great hike. We really enjoyed the coffee roaster in the morning and views of the valley and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 22 2015-1

Salkantay in my heart

Salkantay trek was a fantastic experience that I will not forget.The view was gorgeous, the guide was wonderfully nice and helpful, the food was plenty and very good, even for a vegetarian.
The organization felt very good, from email communication before the trek until the last day. The guide seemed to know everything that were supposed to happen. Everything ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 22 2015-2

Great Family Tour With Daddy

We have had a fantastic Salkantay tour with Inka Trail Reservations. Our guide Lisandro has been amazing and so has also the chef and all the other helpers .
Every day has been very well organized. Our guide has given us in-depth knowledge about the Inkas and their history and he has motivated us when the hills have been ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 22 2015

Salkantay with family

The trek was wonderful. Our guide Lisandro had the patience of an angel, a lovely happy mood and an answer to all of our questions.
The organization of the trek was great, from the email communication to all the steps during the trek. What was most appreciated was the attention to details: we where awaken with hot tea in ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 22 2015-3

Oh my knees!

I had a great time on the Salkantay Trek. From the first day the trek was well organised. It was great to come back to camp at the end of the day and have dinner ready for.
It was the small details that really made this trip. The cooks had hot water waiting for us to wash ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 22 2015-7

The Picchu Family

Due to illness we were only able to join the group in Santa Teresa. However the organization helped us in getting most out of our trip as possible.
The scenery today was amazing and we enjoyed delicious food. We would most definitely recommend a trek with Inca Trail Reservations.
The service was impeccable, tents were set before upon ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 22 2015-3

Salkantay adventure

Thank you so much for a fantastic trip! What an adventure. We have seen great mountains covered with snow, incredible views, hot springs and impressive nature.
Luckily, we were blessed with a very good guide telling us stories about inkas and teaching us interesting details of what we were passing. We have picked passion fruit and coffee from the ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 19 2015-1

Yolo :) :)

my name is nice .The guids where great. The food was great. The weather was nice.It felt like the trip was really really really really long , but it was worth it.
There was alot of up and downs on the trip, or peruvian flat as people hare call it.There was many many many steps is what i am ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 19 2015


After teh second time hiking the Inca Trail, It still is an amazing experience. the nature and the culture is just so fascinating.
The porters and guides make it all a better hike. The porters are very friendly, respectful and skilled. And strong! . The food is much better than expected on a three dy hike like ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 19 2015

was really amazing

My name is Wenche, and I come from the northern Norway, and I am used to high mountains and cold weather, but the experience with the Inca track was really amazing.
I never imagined that nature and culture could make me feel so overwhelmed and strong,The company Inca Trail did a great job informing us about the ... Continue Reading