Peru travel March 31 2017-9

Once in a lifetime experience

This was my first one of a kind experience; I've never been in such a 4 day expedition from before.
Our guides Paul and Marco made it happen. The food was better than I expected and the chef made us a nice cake on the last day. What I didn't like about this experience was that we weren't ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 31 2017-5

Basically a Mobile Feast

My trip on the Inca Trail with Inca Trail Reservations was really great. The guides, Paul and Marco, were funny but also very knowledgeable and professional.
I really enjoyed the insights into Inca Culture they shared, along with a lot of fun anecdotes , Although it was sometimes hard to tell if they were just messing with us. The ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 31 2017-4

First Time Hiking

Perfect ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 31 2017

Sexy movimiento!

This was my first big hike and the experience could not have been any better. It was definitely a physical challenge but with our amazing guides Paul and Marco and their support, positivity, and constant jokes, made it feel achievable and so much fun.
They prepared us, educated us, and made us feel safe. They even gave ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 31 2017-11

Forever Inca trek

First of all. I loved this trip to Machu Picchu. This is entirely thanks to our tour guys:Marko and Paul.
These guys really knows about what they are doing. Paul really knows a lot about inca history and stories. We learned a lot during this 4 day 3 nights Trek. And dont get me know. Me and my ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation March 31 2017-3

My Journey to the Machu Picchu with Marco-Paulo !!!

C'est avec un certain stress que, le 31 mars 2017, j'ai commencer ce qui devrait être l'expériance d'une vie !!!.
Accompagner d'une équipe formidable, que nous appelerons rapidement famille, mon aventure sur les traces des Incas m'aura marquer à jamais. 14 randonneurs des quartres coins du monde, 2 guides passionnés, un Chef fabuleux qui a su nous fairecuire un ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 31 2017-4

Machu GREATchu!

I had an amazing time on the Inca Trail with two knowledgable and funny guides and a group of sixteen great people. In addition, the team of porters that accompanied us was was fast and efficient.
The second day was by far the hardest, having us summit Dead Woman's Pass.
The food was absolutely scrumptious, our chef ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation March 31 2017-2

Unforgettable hike

Thank you guys for an unforgettable hike to Machu Picchu for the last for days.
The forecast was rainy but we were so lucky and arrived finally at the sungate and even saw a rainbow how amazing was that. What we saw there was a beautiful view which made all the effort worthwile.
... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 31 2017-15

The adventure of a lifetime

L'expérience du Inca Trail a été l'experience de ma vie. J'ai pu me surpasser, dépasser mes limites comme jamais et accomplir quelque chose que jamais je n'aurais penser accomplir. Les paysages époustouflants, les monter à n'en plus finir et les multiples escaliers qui suivent toujours les ascensions. Que dire de l'équipe qui nous a accompagné, sans ex cette experience n'aurait ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 31 2017

Double rainbow!

Really glad we had some awesome tour guides Pol and Marco for this trek!
Learned a lot about Incan history and the trail.
But mostly had a lot of fun. The trek was pretty demanding at times but always so, so worth it. These two guys are hilarious and they always help you manage your expectations and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel March 29 2017

Just Do It

The trip ran very smoothly! Everything was well organised and the service on the trek itself was awesome.
We had a great group of guides - who knew their stuff well and always made sure that everyone was at a comfortable pace. They adapted their plan for members of the group who were slower than others without compromising those ... Continue Reading

Peru travel March 30 2017

The poneglyph is close!!!

These four days of trek around the Machu pitchu were total and amazing! Before starting the trek, the guide provided all the Intel we needed.
(Sticks, front light, mosquito repellant) During the trekk, we had a lot of Information of the environment and the history of the incas. This trekk allowed me to meet a lot of people coming ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 30 2017-2

Inca Spartan trail

The inca trail was tougher than I thought but it was also more amazing than I expected, thanks to the guides and the porters who did such an incredible works!.
That was the first time than I did a trek and the guides put us in the best condition to do it, and to finish it. The ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip March 30 2017

Let’s go for an adventure!

This is the first time I went trekking with some friends so it was a big challenge to us. We were not especially prepared physically but we made it! And this was all thanks to the team Inca Trail Reservations.
The guide Mani helped us to prepare each day by explaining in details what we will come through, ... Continue Reading

Peru trip March 30 2017-1

From a group to a family

When I heard about the Inca Trail I knew that my trip in Perù wouldn't have been complete without this experience.
I had a lot of doubts when I arrived in Cusco because I felt a little dizzy and I was about to abort the mission. I'm so thankful I didn't give up because with Inca Trail Reservations ... Continue Reading