Peru trip July 03 2015-5

Picturesque Picchu

I use the word picturesque ironically. A picture Cannot do justice to the unlimited number of unbelievable views and scenes that you encounter throughout the four day trek to Machu Picchu.
You can hear from anyone that takes the bus from Aguas Calientes how outstanding Machu Picchu itself is. The trek offers a much more intimate experience where ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 03 2015-2

Flying Puma Adventures

Our 4 day inca trail trip to Machu Picchu was amazing!.
The first day was a relatively tame "training" day, meeting new friends (8 in our group, plus 4 more) and our great guides, Victor and Martin. Midway through the first day, it started to drizzle and we got to test our rain gear. After reaching camp and having ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 03 2015

4 days 3 nights !!!

Talk about a hike of a life time. Trekking, hiking, walking, climbing, spelunking, flying... All seemed to be done on this adventure.
The staff was amazing, the food was out of this world and I have never seen anyone work as had as the porters. They were amazing. I realize I have said a,axing multiple times but word ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 03 2015-6

4-day inca trail hike

what a great adventure! It was such a great experience our guides and porters were great. It is definitely difficult, I could barely make it past day 2, but if you do it is very rewarding.
The porters are amazing, if you are not physically fit (like me) extra porters is a must. The food is really good too. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 23 2015

The Toughest adventure

The team was execellent .We shared many incredible jokes and hard times together. Everybody was abe to bring something different to our team.
I can say this was one of the toughest adventure I have ever done. i have so much to tekl my friends and family when i get back home about my trip. I really hope, ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation June 27 2015-3

A Cliche ?

Coming from a 2 mounth stay (and volunteering) in Perú, not meeting any tourists or typical tourist attractions, I was a bit worried that this Inka Trail and Machu Picchu every body was talking about was overrated , too crowded, too easy etc. etc.
It's hard not to make this sound like a cliche, but . All my ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 02 2015-1

Carlos the Fabulous

This was the adventure of a lifetime! I loved every moment of the 5 days I spent trekking with my amazing group and guides.
The guide, cooks, and "taxi" driver were so welcoming and friendly. Carlos, our guide, was constantly teaching and sharing his experiences and culture with us! Our guide was so motivating and supportive throughout the difficult ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 02 2015

The Terrific Trek!

This was an amazing, once in a life experience!! We had a wonderful trek, and couldn't have asked for anything more! .
I was blown away by the incredible views of the beautiful Andes mountains and I really enjoyed learning about the Peruvian culture that came along with the trek! The food was great and the staff was beyond ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 01 2015-5

a positive spirit is all that you need!

From the first moment, our tour guide Manuel told us that the team spirit would be 'keep positive'!.
Especially at tough moments, this spirit was very helpful. Besides, the tour guides were very kind and always willing to help out. The food was amazing! Very tasteful, a lot of courses. In short: food were you can walk on! Although ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 01 2015-3

Feminine :) :)

Aside from the fact that I was identified as a female on my inca trail pass, this trip was a once in a lifetime opportunity.
I came into it with very few expectations and will for sure spread the word to all my friends and family, specifically through this company. The food was amazing, I have no clue ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 01 2015-2

Once in a lifetime

This trip exceeded all expectations. The trail guides really knew their stuff and made us all comfortable. They kept us safe and prepared us for the day ahead.
The cooks were so accommodating and made special meals for vegetarians, gluten free and people with food allergies. The porters really work hard and always have a smile on their ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 01 2015-6

Awesome experience

At the start of the trail I was a bit anxious, was I able to really complete the Inca trail?.
I never did a trek of 4 days.
Now I can tell you, I made it! However, I couldn't have done it by myself. It wouldn't be possible without the help of the amazing porters who cooked ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 01 2015-2

A Great Adventure

Do not get it twisted; the Inka Trail is hard. We had both novice and pro backpackers in our group and it was hard for us all. But all the fun comes because of our guides, porters and cooks.
Our porters carried more than any of us could and with a smile as they ran past us. The ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip July 01 2015-4

Wawas !!!

The four day / three night hike with Inca Trail Reservations was one of the best experiences I have ever had.
The trail was tough at times but the guides Manuel and Marco were very helpful and encouraging. It was really hard to beat the views and the food was amazing, compliments to the chef. Another great part ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 01 2015-1

First Time Inca Traveler

This trip was my first major trip out of the USA and it was a blast! It all started out with the girls in the office, Fanny and Mabel, answering all the questions my group and I had.
They set up the flights to and from Cusco to match up well with our flights in and out of ... Continue Reading