Peru travel July 27 2014-1

A new family

This five day tour is an experience I will never forget. And that is because of many reasons: first of all our guide, Victor, was amazing all the way. He was positive every single day, even the days where it was raining and he could see that the group was tired. An American family got very sick, but if I ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 27 2014

Victor rocks

I thoroughly enjoyed our experience on this trip. Our guide Victor was amazing. He was so positive, spoke wonderful English and was able to tell us so much information about the trail, Inca culture and answer our many questions we had. He truly made this experience fun and exciting for all of us and when we were ready to give ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 27 2014

Victor the great!

Victor is amazing! Best tour guide out there. He made the experience what it was, an insanely challenging adventure, Victor was positive 100% of the time. He encouraged all of us by cheering us on through the toughest parts. It was a great experience, all because of our guide Victor. Thank you for an unforgettable experience. You go through so ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation July 27 2014-2

Sir Victor esquire

After departing Cusco nice and early, we spent the first day on a nice walk through to our first campsite. A beautiful lake was there.
The 2nd day to the summit was extremely tough but our guide Victor was fantastic in guiding us through.
The 3rd day was a fantastic walk through the jungle and the hot springs ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 26 2014-5

Alma lavada

Palavras nao podem definir essa viagem... Ar puro, lindas paisagens e sensaçao de dever comprido! Como nao amar esse lugar ?! A sensacao eh unica ! As construcoes , as arvores , as plantas , os animais , as pessoas , a " vibe " do local eh sensacional !
Percorrer essa trilha foi muito dificil . O ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 26 2014-4


O caminho é incrível e foi tudo maravilhoso na trilha. As paisagens são incríveis, nosso guia Lito foi muito atencioso, explicava tudo por onde passávamos e nos incentivava sempre. A equipe de porteadores também foi muito atenciosa e nosso cozinheiro Modesto cada hora nos surpreendia com alguma comida típica e gostosa!
A trilha vale cada obstáculo que tivemos.... e ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 26 2014-1

Wonder of the world

At 53, I never expected to complete the Inca Trail; however, I did it with the supporting of my encouraging guide, Lito. Thank you for the opportunity. This was a wonderful and memorable experience that I will cherish forever. The sights and natural beauty of the Inca Trail make it a wonderful experience. I hope and wish to return with ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 26 2014

Impressive trek

I really enjoyed the whole trip! As we started we were nervous and did not know but with our tour guide Lito, we got informed about everything we had to know! It was a very challenging experience but we could manage it! All the time when we arrived at the campgrounds the porters and the cook prepared already everything for ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel July 26 2014-2

Inca Trail

What a great experience Inca Trail Reservations provided my mother and I. Walking the Inca Trail was a life long dream for the both of us. Our guide, Hipolito Flores, was encouraging and very knowledgeable. There were many times where I found myself unable to complete a leg of the trek, but our guide pushed me to my limit. For ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 25 2014

Salkantay trekking

El trek me ha parecido estupendo, tanto desde el punto de vista de las caminatas, como de los alojamientos durante el recorrido y las personas que atienden a los turistas.
Este trekking permite disfrutar de la actividad de montaña al tiempo que se conocen paisajes de Perú muy diferentes entre sí y al mismo tiempo muy distintos de lo ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 25 2014

Salkantay trek

I had a wonderful time hiking and camping the Salkantay trail. Marco was great. I struggled with altitude sickness and blisters, he was always at my back making my adventure an awesome experience. I took the horse because of altitude sickness, which Marco suggested. It was helpful advice. The horse ride overall was a great adventure.
The whole Inca ... Continue Reading

Peru travel July 24 2014-2

Ferias inesqueciveis

Definir o que foi esse desafio e muito dificil, pois nunca planejei e imaginei o que se passaria aquí, pensei em faz er algo diferente, mas a trilha me surpreendeu. Foram quatre días inesqueciveis, onde pude refletir sobre mim, quem sou e para onde que ir. Foram días de calor, de frio, suor e muita dor com esforco extremo.
... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 24 2014-5

Tired, hungry, thirsty, but all so worth it!

We booked this trip thinking it would be nice to "stroll" the Inca Trail with some good views and a few photos. It was exactly that but with some extreme additions. Freezing rain, strong winds, vertical climbs and rum! Despite our expectations being way off we would not have wished for a better trip.
The experience is second to ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation July 24 2014

What an experience!

The Inca Trail was, although one of the hardest things I've ever done, also one of the best. The first day eased us into hiking and we enjoyed fabulous weather and a chance to enjoy the culinary skills of our travelling chef.
Nothing, however, could really prepare us for day two and three! Some of the most difficult trekking ... Continue Reading

Peru trip July 22 2014-2

The adventure

My 15 year old daughter and I walked the Inca Trail together and this was an amazing experience. Our guide was very considerate, helpful and explained each Inca site very well. He referred to us as a family, brothers and sisters and was extremely encouraging.
Our chef and porters were just wonderful. Each day we had excellent Peruvian food, ... Continue Reading