Peru travel September 22 2016-1

Inca Trail adventure

My husband and i had a wonderful 4 days hiking the inca Trail. Although i must say i did find it more difficult than i thought it would be.
I made it though and glad i did it. It was a challenge for my 60 th birthday. We chose inca Trail réservations bécasse other friends from ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 22 2016

Fun With Rony On The Inka Trail

Just finished a great 4 day trek on the Inka Trail with Rony from Inka Trail Reservations as our guide.
Our weather was just OK but Ronny and the team of porters and the cook Mateo helped us have a wonderful adventure. I loved the combination of the history, the natural beauty and the physical challenge. Day 2 ... Continue Reading

Peru trip September 21 2016


Incrível, enriquecedora, divertida, surpreendente. Uma viagem de superação. Achei que teria um infarto no meio do caminho, ou que congelaria com tanto frio, mas eu estou aqui escrevendo, meio sem pensar direito, mas viva.
A trilha monstrou que somos capazes de fazer exatamente aquilo que quisermos, mesmo quando achamos que não conseguimos. Foi excelente para recarregar as ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 21 2016-1

Chicas locas

A trilha foi incrível, uma mistura de conhecimento com diversão! Valeu a pena cada passo dado em direção à inacreditável Machu Picchu!.
Nosso guia foi muito atencioso durante todo o tempo e mostrou-nos tudo o que precisávamos saber sobre a cultura Inca. Tivemos vários momentos musicais locais brilhantemente conduzidos por ele, proporcionando-nos meditação e paz interior.
... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 21 2016

Guerreros y guerreras

The Salkantay trek was an amazing adventure. Our guide Eloy was excellent. He took us on a spiritual journey.
He gave us many historical facts about the Incas. We learned a lot about their culture. Our group got along so well, we had a lot of fun. We've become like a family. The food was really good. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 21 2016-1


It has always been a life long dream to see the Amazon and Machu Picchu.
I feel our Guide Eloy provided an amazing spiritual Journey across the Salkantay Pass.
The scenery and mountains are só beautiful that words can't describe the majesty of the experience.
Eloy provided great Information on the mountains and completely helped ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip September 19 2016-1

Flying condor

We were a very nice group with people from different countries that mixed up very easily.
Our guides were with us at any time. They were friendly, funny, helpful, serious.
We had a lot of adventure, fun and got a lot of information about the culture, vegetation, animals, the language and everything we were interested in. ... Continue Reading

Peru travel September 19 2016

1000 Mosquito bites

The start was not so good, because we were forgot at our hostel. After that the trip was absolute fantastic and good organized. The second and third campsite (especially the third one) were to loud. The experience I have done is big. The Tourguides were very good prepared and helpfully. The information we get about the nature, Machu Picchu and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 19 2016-1


This was an adventure of a life time. The guides and the other trekkers were the best company. The food was absolutely amazing it was way beyond expectations. The happy hours were something to look forwarded to. The damn popcorn though...... Maybe a few adult drinks to be included next time. Would recommend this trek to all of my friends. ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 19 2016-4

Human Nature

We had an awesome time on the Salkantay trek. It was hard, especially on the second day and being untrained but with a little bit of girlpower you should be fine.
As awesome a group as we had, makes a big, big difference as well! Our guide was really great, very knowledgable on all fronts and good ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 19 2016-2

Sexy lama

Fantastic food, fantastic group and amazing guides! I have felt like a member of the royal family for the past 5 days. Especially liked day 2 walking in the snow over 4000m above sea level!
Special mention to the cooks who managed to cook up 5 class meals in the smallest of kitchens in the quickest of times ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation September 19 2016-1

Emelie Bengtsson

This trek has been amazing in every way. Great food and fantastic guides.. Def the highlight of our South America trip . The guides taught us about the inka history and about Flora and fauna.
They were very helpful in every way and really into their jobs. I would recommend this company to all my friends ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel September 19 2016

Salkantay Trip

The Salkantay trip was the best time! Our guide was awesome and we had an amazing group of people! Bring lots of water!!.
Day 2 is rough, but it's worth it! Food was awesome! We had cake for breakfast on day four! The guides and crew were extremely helpful! They were so supportive and encouraging!.
I ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 19 2016-2

Sexy lama

I enjoyed myself a lot. The trip was awesome and the guides where great. Eber told us a lot during the trip and the nature was amazing.
Jackson was the best help we could get. We had a lot of fun with the group during the walks. The food was awesome too. Although I never walked this kind ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation September 13 2016

Good excursion

The guide was excellent !! ,Jorge was knowlegeable and amazing, very informative , funny and friendly . Jorge Luis always kept us safe , very patient with us .
I wish him has funny the best for the future . The food was good !! , the vegetarian food was addiction . ¡¡¡ I want more !!! ... Continue Reading