Machu Picchu vacation December 30 2016-5

Super nice tour guides

I took the inca trail tour with my husband. On the third day, my husband had some problem with stomach.
He couldn't walk as same speed as others in the group. Our guide Peter accompanied us all the time and helped to carried his bag. At the last two hours to the camping site, my husband had ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 30 2016-4

member of team sexy llamas

Great views, great new friends Challenging trek. Plenty of stairs. Outstanding guides and support staff that know their stuff.
Food was solid and varied, using local products when possible... Did the hike in rainy season would recommend fall or spring season. Got some challenges with altitude but staff was there to provide support. Got see some ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 30 2016

Survive the Days

When we got to the Machu Picchu there was people who took the bus, climb up to 50 meters up the mountain from the to take a couple photos and went down to explore the Machu Picchu then went back to the gate and said "I've done the inca trail" And I said in my mind "you have done nothing ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 30 2016-2

The Peruvian Wilderness

The word hiking was redefined in my eyes during this trip. It was great overall, it's was hard at times but life never came by easy.
The challenges were actually the reasons why it made it so memorable and interesting. Actually, it's also why it makes me so proud to claim that I completed this trial. On top of ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 30 2016

Dying In the mountain

1. Amusing trip for two kids 13, 11 and i
2. The hiking was something to die for. If you can do this, you can do anything In your life.
3. But be prepared , do not jump out of bed and go on the trip. U need to prepare. Otherwise u will wish u would die.
... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 30 2016-1

Survival of the fittest

I didn't know what to expect on this adventure. Day 1 stared with an easy and flat trail until lunch. After lunch the trail became a little steeper.
When I asked the guides how much longer, they told us only 20 mins more. About 50 mins later we were at the camp site. If a guide tells ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 30 2016

Challenging times a 100!

The trail was more challenging than I thought that it would be. All the guides were encouraging and helpful.
They assisted with water and snacks and even carried my day bag on day three for a few hours when I was tired. Plan for long days with spectacular views at every step. Travel through rain forests and ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 28 2016

Sexy/smelly Llamas

We started out as the sexy llamas, ended out the smelly llamas. Thank you to be crew for an awesome awesome experience, without each & every one of them, I'm not sure this trip would have been as successful.
What an awesome experience. Thank you inca trail for this absolutely wonderful experience of a lifetime. I would advise anybody ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 29 2016

Trying to Conquer the Inca Trail like the Porters But Failing

I had an amazing time on this trip! . Both of our guides really helped motivate me to complete the hike, and were very knowledgeable and friendly about Inca history and the trail. We loved our guide!.
The food was also amazing, the best that we have eaten on our entire trip to Peru. The entire hike ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 29 2016

New Year in Machu Picchu

We had such an amazing time on this trip. Our guides were very fun and taught us so much about the Inca culture throughout the entire hike.
The porters are amazing and were always very friendly. Every night the camp site was very nice, with very nice and comfortable tents. The food was very good, it was actually ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation December 29 2016

An experience of a lifetime

We had a wonderful group, and 2 awesome guides. Three days of beautiful scenery, wonderful food and exploring beautiful Peru.
Inca Trail Reservations was very well organized and everything was planned perfectly to enjoy our experience. By day 3 we had gained 6 new friends who we will keep in touch with, and an extreme appreciation ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation December 25 2016-4

Christmas 2016 with Incas

Inca trail is a wonderful experience. You meet some people and become a family during those few days of hiking together.
Hike itself is moderate, especially the second day, but it is absolutely worth and you feel happy after you have done it. The guide is very helpful and explains everything. Our guide was a great guy and ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu trip December 22 2016-1

Amazing Machu Picchu

I had an incredible time hiking the inca trail and experiencing Machu Picchu with this group .
The food was delicious and everythings was taken care of sleeping arrangements, porters , advice for how to handle the altitude and the tough part of the trail .
Everth was passionate , fanny and knowledgeable about going off ... Continue Reading

Peru travel December 22 2016-2

Awesome hike experience

The briefing was very informative and necessary . The guide Everth was excellent and so knowledgeable about history and nature . The company , made everything for us to feel confortable and well .
The cook and kitchen staff were awesome, the equipment was excellent and confortable.
the service that give us the company is very ... Continue Reading

Peru trip December 22 2016

amazing hard worked

The guides Everth was extremely patient encaring , . I felt well taken care of and safe , . The entire time .
We loved the trek and our guide heped us make it through . The food was great . awesome four day . For anyone considering hiking the Inca trail . The porters are all amazing hard ... Continue Reading