Amazing Salkantay trek!

As a first experience in Peru, this trek was an incredible way to live a great Peruvian experience! The ride is sometimes hard and demanding, but the landscapes and cultural experiences are totally worth it. Our guide Chachy gave us great explanations and always cared about our comfort. The food and overall comfort between the hikes were excellent, much more ... Continue Reading

Salkantay leg killer

the Salkantay trek was simply amazing. I had goosebumps while climbing to the lake on the first day and it allowed me to see a side Peru that I wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. The food was excellent and our trekking crew was simply amazing. I had one of the best time of my life while walking along ... Continue Reading

awesome Salkantay

This was much more than a trekking, much more than an experience, much more than an adventure. It was a wonderful occasion to meet people from different countries that shared with you the passion and the will to know, to know origins, costumes, traditions of people that are really far away from mine. The guide (Chachy) was so nice since ... Continue Reading

Sexy Condors Take Flight!

Our trek was a fantastic adventure, we started with our own group of 3 friends & built new international friendships with the hope that the people who toured with us will share new adventures back in the U.S. We felt exceptionally cared for when my wife became ill with altitude sickness & Simone, our assistant cook visited our tent to ... Continue Reading

Crazy Condors

What an incredible experience! It is amazing that within a few hours of hiking you can go from a glacier to a jungle. Peru is a beautiful country, and the sights were breathtaking. What made the experience even more incredible was our extremely attentive guide, Chachy, and the constantly working cooks and horsemen. The only drawback to the trip for ... Continue Reading

In love with the trail

where to start? I guess the beginning would be the best place to begin when describing the best adventure of your life. The the briefing that was given to us was very helpful in helping us slim down our packs and give us the important info needed for the next four days. our leader/ father of our family (victor) was ... Continue Reading

Living Large on the Inca Trail

My wife and I just returned from 4 days on the Inca trail. A trek that we planned through Inca Trail Reservations. We have wanted to come here our whole lives. I was afraid that I would over pay and get rushed through the trek. It was just the opposite. Our guide Victor was more like a caring father figure ... Continue Reading

My trek to Machu Picchu

I have always wanted to visit Machu Picchu - who wouldn't? Of course when, with whom, how, are questions we contemplate. I settled on a guided hike with Inca Trail Reservations because my brother trekked the Inca Trail a couple of years prior with this company.
From the start the company was more than helpful, accommodating ... Continue Reading

Not everything is bigger in Texas!

Boy ole boy!! Words cannot begin to express the awe inspiring journey that my group has just completed. Breath taking mountain views, lush vegetation, five star gourmet camp food, and an experience that will last a life time. This will be one of those trips that you will be bragging about to your children one day.
... Continue Reading

Amazing Adventure!

The trek is not easy but very rewarding. It's hard to believe the sights you get to see. The Second day is a killer but you definitely feel very accomplished at the end. Our guide Victor was extremely knowledgeable and shared a lot of cool facts with us. This is a must do! Machu Pichu is one of seven wonders ... Continue Reading

The Hike Of My Life

Where do i begin, i supose i can start from the end of my adventure this time to make sure everyone understands how greatful i feel while im writing this review and having a nice cold brew. To start my whole body hurts and I don't want to even tell you about my smell, the last day would have to ... Continue Reading

Adventure of life

I have been having a dream to visit Perú for a long time. once I booked a trip and planned a trip to visit Machu Picchu, I couldn't stop thinking of how exciting this experience is going to be. My experience was above all the expectations. The food was phenomenal, I couldn't believe that we were getting treated as the ... Continue Reading

Best Hiking Experience

First let me say that this was the BEST hiking experience. The hiking is just beautiful, and the food is exquisite.
We also had the best trail guides (Victor and Marco) Those two tour guides make you feel like your in a big family. The hiking is very fun, but very strenuous. It's a lot of work but it ... Continue Reading

Adventure of a Lifetime

We had the most wonderful experience. The beauty on this Salkantay trail is breathtaking. The trail is adventurous, exhilarating and exhausting at the same time. Though the trip was definitely hard the experience out weighs any hardship felt (on my legs;)!! .
Our tour guides were absolutely wonderful!!!!!! They were kind, generous, and caring. They were able ... Continue Reading


We all had a great time with Inca Trail Reservation on the Salkantay trek. The general feel of the group is one of family fun and camaraderie, making your way up mountains, enjoying the hot springs and finally making it up to machu Picchu on the final day. We had booked to take the bus up, but I wanted to ... Continue Reading