Peru travel November 28 2016-3

Great Inca Trail

Well worth doing , did it on a backpacking budget and it was haard to fit in cost , but afterwards it was well worth it the guides Paul and Jimmy were really good and explained a lot of interesting staff , the guide knowlledgeable and funny .
The trek itself was very well organized . The ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 28 2016-2

Best paintful experience

This was one of the best expereinces of my life . The company took care of us from start to finish .
Whilst i had done hikes before , this was definitely the most challenging hike i have ever done . However, with the guidance of the tour guides , I was able to complete the hike . In ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 28 2016-2

Amazing Inka Trek

Amazing Inka trail with Inca Trail Reservations . After 4 day hiking in the magic inka forest my hole body hurts and this beer taste real good !!! .
The crew of the Inca Trail Reservations was really good , The amazing job the porter do carrying heavy load and running the inka trek . The food is ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 28 2016

of the moster bugs

Our guuides paul and Jimmy were so helpful , informative and not to mention hilarious . The porters put everyone trekking to shame prectically running up and down the mountains . It was a fun experience !! . Thanks Paul and Jimmy , they was great great people good time and lots of memories made !! .
... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 28 2016-2

Tobias karisson

If you like to hike and have great views of nature , this is great . Four days , might be tough sometimes but worth it for the nice adventure . Lot of interesting information about the history of all the ruins . The food was amazing also everyone was so nice !! . The experience was once in a ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 24 2016-7

very very good

Eles foram extremamente conhecimento sobre a trilha Inca e fez a experiência mais divertida e interessante .
Esta é a primeira vez que eu andei através de e acamparam por tanto tempo 4 dias , e eu unca estive em tâo alta altitude . Ele estava nervoso mas Juan Carls e Edson me deu mais do que ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel December 01 2016

Mysteries in the Clouds

What a fantastic four days! For the rainy season the weather conditions were perfect for walking-no rain.
The scenery we were walking through was magnificent. Moving through the clouds and over Dead Woman's Pass and surviving the Gringo Killer Steps!!
After each long walk was an amazing meal which was always needed to top the energy levels up. ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 24 2016-2

Amor y cariño

Juan Carlos made our excellent explanitin filling us all about the rout and the staf. The guide always kind , he always give us good advice . Call the statf was wonderful people , always kind and happy .
Nothing better than this company " Inca Trail Reservations " . Siempre con amor y cariño . ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 30 2016-3

Peruvian flat

Hi, it was fun I had a really good time the food was really good and yummy and the walking was really fun , I loved running up the hills and the.
Back down the hills, so much fun. The food was so yummy and I love coco tea. I would come again because I love walking ... Continue Reading

Peru vacation November 30 2016-2


Had. A great time it was good and I loved it I would definitely come back and do it again it was so cool the food was great and I loved all the people and the hike was fun it was hard and it was sweaty but I really liked it and I loved having no oxygen it was funny ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu vacation November 30 2016-2

Pío pio

Not going to lie it was TOUGH! But the countless steps, short breaths 'Peruvian flats' and sleepless nights were 1000% worth it once we stepped foot on Machupicchu, not to mention the smaller feats & breathtaking views along the way. Such an unforgettable experience shared with old & new friends we made.
Trip wouldnt have been the ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 30 2016


Had such an amazing experience. It was a challenging 4 days but the people and guides who we were accompanied by made it all worth it.
Everything was very well organised, the food was amazing and all the staff did such a great job. The porters definitely deserve a lot more credit, they are such incredible people ... Continue Reading

Peru trip November 30 2016-1


I had the best four days of my ,I've with Everth and the rest of the Inca a trail crew. Our guide Everth was turkey accommodating.
He had such helpful information and was always there to help me when I needed it. The chef was amazing the food was the best food I have had my whole ... Continue Reading

Machu Picchu travel November 30 2016-3

Llama Lady

Such an amazing and humbling experience. Our tour guide and group of people exceeded my expectations.
I am beyond happy with the experience and would recommend to anyone in the future. The food was fantastic, better than anything that I eat at home on a regular basis. Macchu Picchu was a dream of mine and I can't ... Continue Reading

Peru travel November 30 2016-4

Most amazing adventure

I had no idea what to expect from this trip. I'm glad I didn't YouTube anything because I might had not made the decision to come.
It was amazing!! It was most definitely a physical challenge and I welcomed it. Scary but super exciting. This company was very patient with me and organized everything right down to ... Continue Reading