Well organized

Inca Trail was an awesome trip with bunch of awesome porters and guides who really made our trip fun and awesome. Everything was well organized. Food was great , chef was accommodating tour vegetarian needs. We enjoyed the trip thoroughly there were no problems , people were kind generous and they were helpful.
Guide was knowledgeable and knew about ... Continue Reading

Glad I came to this trail

I did the Inca Trail with Gerson and Martin as our guides. They were supportive and informative. It was an excellent hiking experience. I will definitely recommend it to my friends. The food was excellent. Everyone in the team was very cooperative.
I was the slowest among the group but still everyone including the guide and porters helped me ... Continue Reading

Awesome Inca Trail trip

It was an awesome trip, would recommend this to my friends. I was apprehensive initially but as the journey began it was very rewarding. The food was very impressive considering the conditions. We ate like kings. The trip was timely. The camps were an experience. Considering the conditions the bathrooms were ok. Running water is always a blessing.
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An amazing time was trekking through one of Peru's wonders. Not an easy thing to do but something that will be remembered always. Great friendships were formed and memories created. The Inca Trail trek was not for the faint hearted but the sight of Machu Picchu was well worth the pain.
Did I mention the pain ? Because there ... Continue Reading

Andes adventure

What an adventure ! Absolutely stunning in so many ways, from the food to the views I can't thank of a better way to experience the Andes, Inca Trail and Machu Picchu. Our guide Gerson was a champ and his laugh lit up the campsite and he help connect our diverse group of hikers.
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Poo-roo trek of awesomeness

We leaped and ducked and jumped and willed our way to the top of the Machu Picchu, and it was worth every drop of sweat, every ounce of blood. Or guide was the absolute best. No kidding. Take this trip ! I really really really really really really recommend it.
We also took natures hits while bonding with Bambi. ... Continue Reading

Much of Picchu

This was honestly the most amazing, unbelievable and special thing I've done. Four days of the most beautiful views, interesting stories, cool people that we would otherwise never have encountered. 13 of the most interesting people with the coolest stories to share and have not laughed so much in a while !
Gerson, Martin and the group of porters ... Continue Reading

Macchu fun times

Our trip was extremely enjoyable. We had such an amazing time in a beautiful place. I absolutely loved the trip !
The porters and cook was especially amazing, I especially enjoyed how they always had big smiles on their faces and also how they made such delicious food in a camping situation. They are very talented and admirable people. ... Continue Reading


Awesome ! The guides were really friendly, funny and informative. The whole tour was extremely well organised - clear pre-departure briefing, very organised documents and punctual pick ups. I was particularly impressed by the organisation provided from the very beginning, starting with the company down to the organisation provided by the guides.
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Get a porter !

Awesome experience. Challenging in the best way, with epic scenery and wonderful guides. Regardless of the circumstances, the guides really prepare you for whatever the trail brings. The food is great, you are never hungry and the entire staff, including the porters, are all really attentive.
You also get to meet and share the experience with great, interesting people ... Continue Reading

Challenge yourself with the Inca Trail

Needless to say this was one of the most challenging things I've ever done. I'm six months out of ACL knee surgery and this was one of the most physically enduring encounters of my life. I consider myself an athletic / in shape person and have climbed peaks over 14,000 ft in North America. I could not have completed this ... Continue Reading

Trekking is for everyone ! Almost :)

I never though I was going to have so much fun doing camping and trekking for 4 days... But that's one of the most fantastic experience of my life ! It was fun, beautiful, the guides are incredible, funny and knowledgeable.
Yes, you suffer, but you don't think much about that when you have the best views ever ... Continue Reading

Last but not least

Going into this adventure I was extremely nervous. Nervous I wouldn't complete the trek, nervous it wouldn't be all I hoped it would be and nervous I would not have a good "group" experience. I was nervous for no reason on all accounts.
The tour guides, porters, cooks, and everyone in my group were absolutely amazing ! I am ... Continue Reading

Becoming one with Pachamama

Is there any other way to get to Machu Picchu ?! In my opinion, this is the only way to go. It is a truly wonderful experience - challenging, fun, and completely unique. Great food. The entire group was well taken care of and supported by the guides and porters.
The passion of the guides was infectious. It was ... Continue Reading

The condor tour

It was an awesome tour. I loved every moment and would highly recommend it to my friends. I was very impressed with the guides passion and knowledge. Carlos was very impressive with his enthusiasm and passion. I really admired his optimism, even when we were soaked with rain, he remained positive.
The porters were incredible, their strength and humility ... Continue Reading