Machu Picchu vacation September 30 2015

An unexpected journey

I started my inca trail adventure with little knowledge on what it entailed, other than day two will be difficult.
Needless to say my mind was blown and expectations were truly exceeded. The view while we hiked was always incredible, with plenty of wonderful inca sights to see ok the way. The porters, cook and guide were fantastic.
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The trek fulfilled my expectations

The trek fulfilled my expectations . The food was especially good , bring really good repetient , mosquitoes are a drag and did not anticipate them being so annoying , trekking up to salkantay was the highlight of the route , and seeing the milky way so clearly at nigth camping in the Andes was totally worth it .
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Good trip

is mi first time in South América and i did not thing that It was so beautiful i have been in Bolivia but Peru is more beautiful because the people are very friendly the history is so interesting the food is so, so amazing delicious WOW it is something that i never i will forget.
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This trek was the hardest thing I've ever done in my life but the most rewarding and I couldn't have done it with out the guides and crew from Inca Trail Reservation. The guides were informative with a sense of humor, encouraging and super supportive. The food was great better than I would've ever expected while camping. The crew and ... Continue Reading

sexy chachi’s

This was an amazing trip. I'm so glad I chose to do the hike and that I chose inca trail reservations. Our guides were awesome. It wouldn't have been the same without them. We seemed to be having way more fun than the other groups on the trail.They made it so much fun. The food blew me away. Easily compete ... Continue Reading

By foot and by horseback, Sexy Condors take flight

Our family was the Sexy Condors and our group was the Over 50 Sexy Condors. Two of us turned 50 this year and a trip to Machu Piccuh was the trip we planned to celebrate this milestone. From day one our group was family despite our differences in age and country. While we could not keep up with the three ... Continue Reading

Familia Sexy Condors Fly!

Four middle-age friends from Boston joined three singing Italian med students from Bologna, two lovely young people from England, and two young men from Montreal for a life-changing experience. We thought about doing a very expensive lodge trek, but decided to do a more authentic trek, and we are glad we did. What joy to spend time with these wonderful ... Continue Reading

Puma Puma Puma

Hi to everyone, my name is Claudio and I'm Italian. I've had a really amazing and funny trip with this guys, especially with my two friends Riccardo and Matteo. Sincerely it was the first time I did such a like experience and it was my first true trekking too. I truly love Peru cause his landscape are really different and ... Continue Reading

The Italian Job

I came into the group to do the trek by myself and straight away Chachy made me and every one else feel welcome and at ease with his funny jokes and little giggles. The trek was tough especially the second day however the views were amazing making it all worth while. Even though i was the only english person in ... Continue Reading

Sexy snakes ‘adventures

I APPRECIATE THE GENERAL ORGANIZATION, THE GUIDE AND THE PLACES. THE CAMPSITE OF THE FIRST DAY IS WONDERFUL, THE SALKANTAY PASS IS AMAZING, I hope the same for Macchu Picchu tomorrow. For me this trekking has been also a very interesting experience by the point of view of sharing unforgettable moments with people from different culture and language. H h ... Continue Reading

Almost did it

I was unable to complete the first few days of the trek and the company were very accommodating. I talked to the company and I managed to joined the trek at day three, just in time for the hot springs. The guides were lovely and made me feel part of the group immediately. They looked after me really well, even ... Continue Reading

Amazing Salkantay trek!

As a first experience in Peru, this trek was an incredible way to live a great Peruvian experience! The ride is sometimes hard and demanding, but the landscapes and cultural experiences are totally worth it. Our guide Chachy gave us great explanations and always cared about our comfort. The food and overall comfort between the hikes were excellent, much more ... Continue Reading

Salkantay leg killer

the Salkantay trek was simply amazing. I had goosebumps while climbing to the lake on the first day and it allowed me to see a side Peru that I wouldn't have been able to see otherwise. The food was excellent and our trekking crew was simply amazing. I had one of the best time of my life while walking along ... Continue Reading

awesome Salkantay

This was much more than a trekking, much more than an experience, much more than an adventure. It was a wonderful occasion to meet people from different countries that shared with you the passion and the will to know, to know origins, costumes, traditions of people that are really far away from mine. The guide (Chachy) was so nice since ... Continue Reading

Sexy Condors Take Flight!

Our trek was a fantastic adventure, we started with our own group of 3 friends & built new international friendships with the hope that the people who toured with us will share new adventures back in the U.S. We felt exceptionally cared for when my wife became ill with altitude sickness & Simone, our assistant cook visited our tent to ... Continue Reading