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November 03, 2016

My favorite experience was definitely Day 2. Although it was a difficult part of the hike, it was amazing to finally make it to the top. The weather was perfect and so was the scenery. I also enjoyed the variety of environments that we traversed over the course of the trek. In the time I spent on the trail, I discovered how much potential I have if I simply trust in my ability.

The cook, Santos, was incredible. Though I was unable to completely understand Spanish, he made sure that I was well fed and having a wonderful time. The cooking was some of the best food I ever had, and the variety of dishes always had me looking forward to the next.

The guide, Percy, was also fantastic. My friend got sick and was unable to complete the hike, but Percy inspired me to continue onwards despite the odds. I have learnt much about Perú and life itself from this man and his knowledge & wisdom goes beyond just guiding.

I highly recommend this trek. Though difficult at times, it was challenging enough to make the rewards that much sweeter. After all, an extraordinary life requires extraordinary effort. :)

Thanks for everything!!.

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