by: , Canada -
July 02, 2017

Overall, the Machu Picchu adventure was a fun adventure. We had an awesome family to do the trek with.

The first day trekking covered a good distance, which allowed for our body to adjust to the difference in elevation and to the difference in climate. The first night was the hardest night, temperature was cold, however the guide luckily gave us blankets, which definitely helped with the low temperature.

The second day trekking was good, as we ascended to the highest point then start trekking to the camp site. The second campsite was good because there was wifi and shower, however one big improvement would be that if it can be included that would be a lot more appealing. Another improvement would be if toilet paper can be provided.

The third campsite, there were too many mosquitoes, which definitely made trekking more difficult the next day, if there were more assistance with warding off mosquitoes, that would have improved the experience of the trip.

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