From high heels to hiking boots

by: , USA -
July 02, 2017

I live in a big city and spend most my days in high heels, but this past week I traded my high heels for hiking boots with our tour guides Paul and Jimmy.

While i expected beautiful sites and breathtaking moments (literally) i was not expecting the personalization that Paul provided. From endless questions to sharing ancient Incan history, Paul's passion for the trail and the Incan people is palpable. While there were tough parts, I was encouraged by my tourguides and newfound Inca Trail friends to persevere.

If you want more than a hike and are looking for an unbelievable memory to last a lifetime, this trail is for you.

Best of luck to all fellow potential hikers!.

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Machu Picchu Travel

10 Days - A special package including assistance at your arrival in Lima, all accommodation and transportation required...and of course our world famous Inca Trail hike to Machu Picchu. *