gringo :)

by: , British -
November 04, 2015

After the meeting i was more then ready to get going.. Joined the crew on the bus and could feel the warmth between everyone all ready. Juan carlos explained a few facts on the bus then the porters jumped on very friendly and extremely helpful towards me. Already things were starting to feel proper.

Got to the check in point and everything was there and juan carlos was ready to get our trek underway. At every stop point and inca site we would have a full detailed explanation which brought the group together and the family vibe was under full affect.

Breakfasts, lunches and dinners were incredible... With no trekking knowledge and any treks under my belt i didnt know what to expect but everything was pulled together with such perfection that i had nothing to worry about.

The porters, They are real men.. The power and determination that goes into the work is done incredible. They are guys that i will never forget !!!!!!

And for, JUAN CARLOS . Absolute gentlemen and a pleasure to have him lead our pack!!!!

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