I survived

by: , Spanish -
July 01, 2016

It's as speechless experience from beginning till to the end . Literarily a life time experience . From the guides till the chaskis who worked hard every day and make us feel part of the family .

To the trek:

First day you will have a little introduction day followed by a relative short hike compared what will expect you on day 2.

Day 2 is by far the hardest one but rewarded with an breathtaking view over the mountains and the glaciers.

Reaching day 3 you might start to feel some soarness but after all you will forget about it coz of the stunning landscape .

Finally day 4! . Don't be be shocked if the wake up time is at 3 am. you definitely will be rewarded with the amazing view over machupichu .

Special Package:

Inca Trail Andean Adventure

Nasca Hummingbird
This 15 Days Adventure takes you to remote places of interest in Peru, such us the amazing Colca Canyon and the enigmatic Nazca Lines. Finish your adventure on top of Machu Picchu after following the Inca Trail. *