Inka Trail

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August 20, 2014

The Inka Trail trek was one of my Peru highlights! The first day was kind of training day, very calm and not hard, the family got to know each other, it was a good team. The guides were very friendly and had eyes and ears for all our questions. The first camp was nice, too! Thanks to the excellent sleeping bag, I did not freeze by night.

The second day was hard, but our guides did always encourage us, so that everybody could do it! I should not forget to write about the excellent food we were served during the trip, it was astonishing! The third day I enjoyed most. We saw some great Inca sites, and had interesting explanations of our guide!

Unfortunately we spent the last night in a real awful camp with only four toilets for all the people. It was really hard to use them! The last day, we had to get up very early, then waited for over an hour to start. At least we had to wait for hours for the train home, no good organization of the last day. Everything else was great!

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