Machu Picchu Adventures

by: , American -
September 30, 2015

I didn't quite know what to expect when we booked this tour. I was nervous and excited, but felt prepared.

It was better and more challenging than I could have ever imagined. The first day was mild in comparison to the next few days of hiking, but It was a good introduction. The second and third days were challenging, but when the day was done I knew we were one step closer to the magnificent Machu Picchu. This morning was exciting. We were exhausted, but knew how close we were.

When we finally made it, It was incredible. Well worth the hard work and sore muscles.I feel very fortunate to have had the opportunity to hike one of the wonders of the world.

I had an amazing time and had a fantastic guide along with a really wonderful group of people to hike with. This is an experience I will never forget and I've met people I will always be connected with.

Special Package:

Inca Trail Andean Adventure

Nasca Hummingbird
This 15 Days Adventure takes you to remote places of interest in Peru, such us the amazing Colca Canyon and the enigmatic Nazca Lines. Finish your adventure on top of Machu Picchu after following the Inca Trail. *