Move those lazy legs senoras

by: , Irish -
March 07, 2016

Where to begin?! The adventure started off with an amazing group and the 2 best guides Paul and Marco.

Clean bodies and happy faces we are ready to go. The first day was easy hiking wise with a few hills, seeing the people living along the trail going about their lives was interesting as were the many facts we learned about the different plants. Arriving for lunch on the first day to a magical tent with tables and chairs and being served AMAZING food (complements to Raul) was incredible, carrying on to the campsite to find our tents set up courtesy of the amazing porters was a great experience, feeling like we could definitely do this for a few days! Being told about the next day, the dead woman's pass, was daunting but confident we could get through it.

Being told the myths and history of the incas was a mystical experience while drinking hot chocolate and eating popcorn. Getting through the dead woman's pass was tough but the comraderie of the group cheering you on and Paul shouting to "move those lazy legs" definitely helped! As did the porters who also cheered us on even though they were running ahead with 30k on their back! Getting through the 2nd day and once again eating the most amazing food, halfway there we can do this! On to day 3 and the killer steps, helped by the fact that we got to see and explore lots of ruins of the incas, the most fascinating civilization I have heard about.

Day 4 and Machu Picchu, incredible, amazing, to see how advanced this civilisation was. I can't wait to learn more, and I will definitely be back to explore again!

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