3 bad hikers vs Salkantay

by: , British -
July 26, 2015

All in all it was an amazing experience to do the Salkantay trek. As 3 Brits, unexperienced at hiking we went into the trek not knowing really what lay ahead but were continuously surprised by the diversity of the landscape that we passed on our trek.

Day one the best thing we did was a trek up to Lake Umantay. Miguel did well to hurry us with lunch so we could get there as fast as possible to avoid crowds and see the lake in sunlight.

Day two was really a day of 2 halfs. The first half was all about a tough trek up to the highest point at the Salkantay pass. We made it. The second half was an incredible decent into jungle and the sun setting over the mountains.

Day we was dense jungle and waterfalls. Very hot and very fun.

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