3 Canadians too many

by: , British -
July 06, 2017

Amazing 4 days, 3 nights with our fearless leader Eber.

All the food was great and the tents seemed good, but we were lucky enough to have no rain during our trip.

I thought the trip was well organised and we were kept informed about the itinery for each day, the only thing i would mention is we were not aware that we would have to carry our sleeping bags and mat for the first 3 days.

Our leader Eber was knowledgable and very friendly and really enjoyed spending the 4 days with him.

One final thing, on the final day i thought it was a bit ridiculous to have to get up at 3.30am to then have to wait around a couple of hours. I understand this is because the porters need to catch a train, but is it not possible for them to get a later train.

Overall, a great trip.

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