4 day 3 night Inca Trail

by: , Greek -
November 25, 2017

My boyfriend ans I chose this trek after a lot of research on the internet and completed it just yesterday (28.11.17). We had the best time and we were lucky to be in a small group of five young people, which was loads of fun. Our tour guide Marco or for us ´El Condor` after his amazing dance moves - was great, very helpful and very knowledgable. Marco has a great way of explaing the history of all the sights and helps you understand how the Incas lived and their philosophy. Also, he was really patient to put up with what was a pretty crazy group!

One of the best things about the trip was the food, our cook Beltran prepared the most amazing food ever, full of protein, delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as happy hour snacks! The tents were very spacious and the spots we camped were very nice too. Our porters - or chasquis - were very sweet and nice people, always with a smile on their faces. This is a trip we will never foget, it wasn`t easy but that is what made it special. And of course the reward of arriving at Matchu Pitchu in the end, through the original Inca Trail , was totally worth it!

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