4-day inca trail hike

by: , United States of America -
July 03, 2015

what a great adventure! It was such a great experience our guides and porters were great. It is definitely difficult, I could barely make it past day 2, but if you do it is very rewarding.

The porters are amazing, if you are not physically fit (like me) extra porters is a must. The food is really good too. As far as the camp goes, they set everything up for you and cook for you, it's really great service. You never know what the weather is like, dress in layers because it's super cold in the morning and evening but it gets hot in the day when you're climbing the mountain.

The difficulty of the trail depends on your physical condition-for example some people in our group finished hiking the mountain in 5 hours while others finished in 8. It was fun just take your time and you can do it.

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