4 days, 3 nights adventure, with funny guides and nice porters!

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April 25

We were only 2 to have booked with this company for those dates, so we joined other agency for the trek.

Some of the porters were from our company, some from the other one, and there was one guide from Inca Trail Reservations , one from other agency.

The guides were very funny and asked us all the time if everything was ok (especially for altitude sickness).

The porters are very nice, little bit shy but funny! They speak queshua so the guides translate for us so we can discuss a little.

The food were really good, they prepare everything in the camp, they carry everything for us, it´s amazing!

The breakfast was everyday different, the lunch and the dinner also, and they prepared for us some tea and popcorn for the end of each day trek.

There is really a lot of food to eat, it´s impossible to eat everyting they prepare!

During the trek breaks, the guides explain some inca places and some things about inca culture, especially on the 3rd day. It´s really interesting, and you can really enjoy some long breaks during your walk.

During the trek, you can have a break as soon as you want, this is not a problem. Everybody will wait for you at the next meeting point (every hour in general), so you can really walk as fast as you want, no pressure.

It was a really nice advenure, in which you can make new friends!.

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