4 days Inca Trail

by: , Japan -
December 23, 2013

We, my wife and I, participated in 4 days Inca Trail .

The tour was more exciting than we had expected and the tour guides were very informative. So, we understood deeply each Inca site which we visited and history also. In addition, the nature on the trail was greatly excellent. We had never experienced it before we came here. Besides, our group was good also (14 people, including us). During the tour, in the second and third day, it was rainy but we, our group, always had energy, laughing and encouraging each other. Finally, in the forth day, the last day, it was sunny, the sky was really blue, the contrast of the sky and the cloud was very beautiful in Machu Picchu.

The food was very delicious, specially the soup made us hot after trekking in the rain. Of course, the other plates were also very good. I ate more than usual. I carried 12 kilograms of backpack though.

The porters were gentle. We didn't request the private porter but they always smile to us and do a lot of things for us, waking us up, carrying our foods and tents, making tea and boiling water.

Before we came here, we were concerned that we would have exceeded 4200 meters of altitude but the collaboration of those things (guides, our team, porters, foods, etc) gave us the energy and the excellent opportunity.

Many thanks for all of them.

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