42km of hard steps

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April 10

We meet on day 1 full of excitement and wonder first meeting of the group and it starts well, we are told the first day is easy but by time we get to camp, we are all thinking if this is easy how are the other days going to be, knowing day 2 is a very hard.

Well day 2 lived up to its reputation it was a killer not helped with the heavy rain. After all the up hills from day 2 a hard up hill start on day 3 but that soon fades away as it's a long day until we hit camp looking forward to more great food.

Day 4 starts with rain as usual the only difference being it's 3 am followed by a 2 hour sit on a wet bench waiting for the gate to open, then a short walk to the Sun Gate and our first sight of Machupicchu with makes it all worth while.

We then spent a fantastic day walking around Machu Picchu. We had a great group of people and made some new friends this made for a fantastic trip.

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