A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

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October 03, 2013

This was an amazing once-in-a-lifetime experience!! We had an informational session the night before our trek where we met our guide, Carlos, and had all our questions answered. We started very early the next day.

The first day was relatively easy. Carlos was very knowledgeable about the plants that grew along the trail (he showed us an agave plant) and also about the ruins that we came across.

The second day was much harder because we had to climb to the highest point of the trail (over 4200 meters) to Dead Woman´s Pass. We had the option to get a porter, but I am proud to say that my friend and I carried our pack the entire way.

The third day was filled with ruins where Carlos explained to us about the Incas´ farming strategies, messenger services, and ceremonial practices.

The last day we went to the Sun Gate; unfortunately, it was cloudy so we weren´t able to see the view. However, Mach Picchu was awe-inspiring! Carlos was fantastic at explaining the history of the Incas and also about the different structures throughout Machu Picchu.

Throughout the entire trek, our porters were wonderfully courteous (we were given tea tent-side as a wake-up call!) and the food was incredible!! Carlos was also very encouraging throughout the entire trek and made sure he answered all of our questions. I am so glad I did this trek. It was a phenomenal experience!

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