A rewarding Experience

by: , Canadian -
October 28, 2012

I highly recommend the Inca Trail , four days and three nights to machu pichu. it was a very rewarding experience. The hike was enduring. Day two was the most difficult as it was all up hill. The weather ranges from very hot to very cold where you will bare sunburn, major rain falls and also hail.

The guides were very accommodating staying behind with those who were slow and ensuring everyone arrived safely. The meals were really good also.

Travellers should bring a warm sleeping bag, they provide you with a mattress but you have to trek it up yourself unless you´ve hired your own personal porter. You should also bring some snacks and a water bottle. You can buy water from the trek the first two days but on day 3 and 4 they will provide you with boiled water. The porters are very hard working carrying loads of up to 25 pounds.

We were able to bond with our group of 10 and make good relationships. There are several archaeological sites along the way where the guide will give a good explanation of. Arriving to machu pichu was priceless. Although our stay there seemed very short the overall experience was about the getting there. I really enjoyed it!

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