A trail of two halves

by: , British -
June 30, 2014

I was worried when I first arrived for the Inca Trail as I was feeling unwell and had put far too much in my bag! But after struggling through the first day, barely lifting my eyes from the path in front of me, everything changed. The walk mirrored how I felt. Just as my health improved the walk changed from dusty valleys with no shade and intense sunlight to luscious valleys teeming with different vegetation and animals.

Whilst the Dead Woman's Pass was difficult the views were becoming more and more spectacular. The third and forth days were the best with fantastic sights and enjoyable hiking. All of this culminated in Machu Picchu, which words don't describe. Easily the most amazing place I'd ever been. This experience was made possible by the excellent work of the guides and porters who were amazing throughout.

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