Adventure Machupichu style

by: , USA -
August 03, 2014

First day was awesome! I felt strong, I felt unstoppable! But Pachamama had something to say about that... the second day I was humbled by altitude sickness. At the top of the pass, the highest point of the trail, I began to feel nauseated and definitely no longer strong or unstoppable.

Somehow, with the support and encouragement of my wife and newly formed "family", headed by our supportive father-figure guide Manny, I managed to get down to the second campsite. That night was terrible, altitude sickness is no joke, but with the support and guidance of Manny and his team and the family, I was nursed back to health.

The third day was long, but doable. And the final day was, as Manny famously says, "Piece of cookie!" Well worth the adventure, but definitely very humbling. Thank you for the opportunity.

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