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April 17, 2016

Trekking the Inca Trail was one of the most incredible experiences that I've had. Day 1 was fairly easy in comparison to the rest of the trek.

There was some moderate uphill climbs but nothing too strenuous. Lunch and dinner were fantastic, and we spent our free time at night playing cards with one of our tour guides. Day 2 was the hardest day. It was an uphill battle literally. Reaching the top of Dead Woman's Pass was the best feeling of the entire trip.

The last two hours of hiking were downhill, which was moderately difficult because I was already exhausted. We arrived back at camp around 2pm. I was tired and had a headache from being at the higher elevation so I took a long nap. Day 3 was uphill and downhill - overall not too bad. We had beautiful weather and some amazing views throughout the hike.

The day was very long since we stopped at several ruins, but it was interesting and we basically had the sights to ourselves. Waking up at 3am on Day 4 was easier than expected since we were all excited about seeing Machu Picchu. It was raining pretty hard but we were early enough to get a spot underneath the roof to wait for entrance through the checkpoint.

The walk to the sun gate was slippery and I'm pretty sure that my trekking poles saved me numerous times. Eventually we got to Machu Picchu. Although I was tired, wet, and cold, it was still breathtaking.

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