Amazing Experience

by: , Canadian -
July 05, 2013

Incredible experience and wonderful trek. Unlucky bad weather at the summit couldn´t detract from the experience. The food was consistently very good to excellent and even though I was the only vegetarian in my small (6 person) group, I always had something special made for me. On one occasion, the cooks even prepared a squash for dinner that I had carried 8km out of the upper jungle (my own choice).

The guide always provided us with options, allowing us to tailor the hike in terms of length and difficulty. Sites on this trek are wonderful. The mountain lake on the first night would have been worth the whole hike and it´s just a small diversion. The hot springs at Ste. Teresa after day three were very welcome and refreshing, getting us ready for the final day and the actual visit to Macchu Picchu.

All the hotels in Aquas Calientes were good, depending on your personal needs and preferences. I would recommend an extra night in Aquas Calientes and a second day visiting the site. There are many things to learn about the actual site and side trips that can be done. If booking early enough, Huanyu Picchu is more than worth the price of admission - and not nearly as scary as some reviews suggest (and I´m afraid of heights).

Overall, an incredible experience. Thanks to all involved.

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