Amazing hike

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September 07, 2013

After a very early wake-up, my friend and I met our Salkantay trek group in Cusco. The first breakfast with our family was a bit daunting as everyone talked of their hiking experience in Nepal. Soon after we started walking from Mollepata to the camping place. It was quite easy-going for a first day. Yet, after lunch, we walked up 400 m to reach a beautiful lake, it was at the bottom of the snow. Even though we were all tired, the cold weather at 3800m of height made it difficult to sleep.

The next day, we prepared our self for the longest hike of the week, we would reach 4600m at the Salkantay pass, at an early our: 5:30. At the end of 3 hours of sweating, the view was amazing! the clouds kept fleeing away between the mountains, changing the scenery every minute. Two hours later, our team was having lunch at the entry of the rainforest. In the afternoon, we discovered the biodiversity of Peru: numerous birds, flowers, avocado, coffee beans, bananas, etc. At night, it was raining but we could already sleep better.

The third day we kept going down the mountain in the rainforest . It was tiring, but even better so, as we went to hot springs at the end of the day. Very relaxing ! The cohesion of our group reached a peak at night, dancing around the fire. The 4th day was another great hike! Walking up an Inca Trail , we got a glance at the Machu Picchu.

Finally we all finished the trek with a last hike from Aguas Calientes to the Machu Picchu at 5 am. Incredible experience where I learned more about Peru.

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