Amazing hike of the Inca Trail!

by: , USA -
October 22, 2016

Hiked the Inca Trail with a group of friends and the Inca Trail Reservations made it a great experience! We had porters carry our extra bags so we could hike with a light pack which made the trip a lot more enjoyable. Day 1 was a nice hike that was relatively flat and an easy intro to the trail. We all had an amazing lunch and fantastic dinner. The campsite is always set up when you get there and you can just relax / enjoy a beer from the locals living in the moutains. Day 2 is intense! a lot of up hill, but when you do eventually get to the top it's amazing, both for the view and the accomplishment. However, you'll learn that downhill is just as hard is going up hill! Definitely got great sleep on the second night. Day 3 we had some more high uphill/downhill but after that you're into the cloud forest and start seeing some really cool Inca sites. The tour guides along the way, Ronnie and Marco, we're great and very knowledgeble with info along the way. Got some rain on night 3 but wasn't too bad and the tents/sleeping bags are really great so no issues there! Day 4, Machu Picchu is unbelieveable! Rainy/cloudy at first but it gives way to the sun eventually if you just hang out. So after we got the tour around with info from our guides we just staoyed there until it cleared up to get amazing photos. You will see tons of tourists that just went straight to machu picchu, and although you're legs with be a little sore from all the stairs along the inca trial, it is much more rewarding to have the full context of the Inca's expansive connection through the mountians that ultimately ends at Machu Picchu! Great trip all around, highly recommend! Don't worry about the weather forecast, it will be hot and it will be cold/rainy at times, so be prepared but it changes every hour so you never have to worry about the whole trip being the same, just start the trek and enjoy!

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