An adventure of a lifetime

by: , USA -
September 03, 2014

Just for starters, this is my first adventure out of the USA. Well I have been to Jamaica but that doesn't count. This was truly a culture and history adventure. Arriving in Peru gave me chills all over. The adventure ahead was so in the unknown and exciting. and the crew were unbelievably amazing. The nature and mountains were priceless. All hard work was well deserved by beauty mad history.

"La familia" could not be replaced by any better people. Meeting so many different people from all over the world was extremely rewarding. Nicole and Kleber from Brazil, that most adorable couple. Arif and Iqbal (father and son) from Canada, I only wish I could do an a amazing trip like this with my dad. Marta, from Italy, she was so amazing to trek with. And out early birds out, Isabella (from Brazil) so adorable. And Ryan and Patrick (Americans). Ryan we wish such an amazing Peace Corps experience in Peru and Patrick thank you for all your sweet help and chocolate :)

And last but not least Carlos!! The most amazing guide. He was so knowledgeable about the Inca culture and history. And of course when I received altitude sickness he took good care of me and made me feel very much secure and confident to attack the next day. He also kept us very safe. Much appreciated of Carlos during this amazing experience :)

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