An awesome experience for me

by: , Belgian -
April 17, 2013

I started my Inca Trail on the 17th of april. I had no idea what to expect. Some people told me it'was really hard, other people told me it wasn't that hard as they imagined. The first day of the trek the guide picked me up at my hostel around 5.30.

We were with a group of 5 people. Me, 2 Brazilian guys and an English couple. First we drove for an hour an stopped at a place to have a good breakfast to gain some strength for the trek. After our breakfast we went to pick up the porters and the cook and after that it didn't take long before we arrived at the first checkpoint where we started the trek. The beginning was quite easy cause everything was still flat, 'Peruvian flat' as they call it. The second day was the hardest day. We climbed up to 4200 meters and after that we had to a whole way down again. After lunch i started feeling a little sick so that made the rest of my day even harder, when we arrived at our camp i went to bed without any food and fell straight asleep.

The next morning i felt so much better, which was good cause we had 2500 steps to walk down. We arrived at our camp for lunch. We had some free time so me and the Brazilian guys decided to visit the waterfall that was nearby. I'm really happy we did that cause the view was amazing. We even decided to jump under the waterfall and take a good shower, however the water was really cold.

The 4th day we woke up at 4.00 but we were all ready to walk to machu picchu. We walked for an hour before we arrived at the sungate temple. From this spot we had an amazing view upon machu picchu and the valley. We walked for another hour and finally arrived at machu picchu where we had the 'postcard picture' with the group. After that we got a guided tour through mapi.

This whole trek was an awesome experience for me and won't be forgotten quickly.

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