An unforgettable journey

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November 17, 2013

I didn't know anything about this Inca Trail , I just wanted to go to see one of the seven wonders of the World. Then a friend of mine told me that we could have done this Trail to get to Macchu Picchu so I said "Why not".

Well, it's been one the best thing I've done in my life. It's not just getting to Macchu Picchu, but the whole journey, makes the approaching to Macchu Picchu unforgettable. I saw other people arriving to the city by train, but I feel like their sensation about it would be totally different by ours who earned the sight of the city from the Sun gate arriving through the forest.

Employee from Inca Trail Reservations have been delightful, the guide was always smiling and explaining us everything we need to know, site by site. There were the porters, amazing people who live near Cusco who brought all the heavy stuff like tents and kitchen stuff. And the the cook was amazing, he cook every day different food, I can't imagine how they managed to bring so many different food for four days. Every day we got lunch, dinner and even tea time.

About the journey, is simple hiking, tough the second day is pretty hard, so if you don't have good resistance I suggest to get a porter, who for just 100 sol will bring all your stuff (15 kg max) to the camp site. If you want you can even get him for the whole journey (obviously cost will be higher).

Do the trail, cause if you experience this unforgettable journey, Macchu Picchu will appear to you as heaven, after the tiredness of four days.

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