Another Personal Challenge

by: , AMERICAN -
October 28, 2013

I did it! When I was planning this trip to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, I had the option of either the easy or the hard way. That would be either taking the bus up to Machu Picchu or actually hiking up the Inca Trail for four days and getting to the destination. I decided on the latter. After reading the description on what is involved, I knew that it would not be easy. I could tell that it would be a challenging hike. That is what made me chose that option.

So there I was finding myself on the first day at the entrance to the trail. To make it even more challenging I decided to carry my own pack which weighed 18 kg. I almost reminded me of when we used to do our road marches in the US Army. We would march for miles carrying all our gears, and I survived all of them. This time around there was no one to push us except our own selves. The first few meters were easy. Later on when the trails became steep I started struggling. Every muscle of my body were in pain. My breath was becoming laborious. I reverted back to the technique that I used when we would do the long marches back in the Army.

I had to rely on discipline, determination and of course endurance and strength. Aside from that I was put in a very good group of people. They were all very supportive and

inspirational. They all helped encourage me during the hard parts as well. Richard Castillo, our group guide, was also very instrumental in all these. Not only was he an excellent guide but also became a good friend helped encourage us all during the difficult parts of the hike. Despite all the hardships involved in the trails, I was rewarded with the very beautiful and inspiring views surrounding us.

There were the majestic mountains, the mystical ancient Incan ruins, etc. I was really determined to complete the whole trek. Then finally at last our objective was finally reached. All the hardships that I went through paid off in a very big way. We reached Machu Picchu. We went through rain and shine, up and down, rough and smooth trails, and survived it. I thank all in my group for the support. There was Orlando, George, Monica, Gritken, Maarte, and of course Richard. We did it together. I did it!!!

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