Best hike EVER!

by: , US Citizen -
June 18, 2012

The Inca Trail was AMAZING! I highly recommend it! Initially, I didn´t really know what I was getting into, but the adrenaline took over and allowed me to finish the entire trek. My group of five people was guided by Ramiro and assisted by four porters and one cook. First, about the guide Ramiro. He was very well educated and very informative about the many archeological sites and the history of the Incas. I admired his patience, his knowledge, and his great sense of humor. The cook, Cristobal, sure knew how to cook! He made whole feasts with appetizers, a main course with several entrees, and delicious desserts. The porters were also very memorable. I was so shocked at how they could carry so much weight on their backs, and still be able to finish the hike way before my group had arrived to camp.

Everything was very well organized. I felt very prepared with the information given to me at the orientation held the night before the trek. Advice that I can give to anyone interested in doing the trek is to just go ahead and do it. Bring some pain relievers, pepto-bismol, and drink lots and lots of water! Take your time on the trek -- it´s not a race. Once you reach Machu PIcchu, it will all be worth it to say that you hiked the same route as the Incans, way back in the day!

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