Best thing this side of the Andes

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December 31

I knew almost nothing about Machu before the trip, but it was always on my girlfriends bucket list.

The trek itself challenged me in ways I didn't anticipate and I can honestly say I don't know that I could have done it without the encouragement of the guides and the new friends we made during the trip.

I have no doubt that at least a few will be friends I'll keep in touch with for life. The guides, Paul and Marco, not only were incredibly helpful for me, but were insanely kind to everyone on the trek, and I really appreciated Paul's honesty and straight-talk when it came to the background, history, and myth of the trail and ruins.

I thought at the beginning that the pinnacle of the trip would be seeing Macchu Picchu, but it turns out, despite being a beautiful and mystery-filled city, the pinnacle was the experience of the trek itself, because of the silent moments alone in ancient places, the testing of my will-power at a million instances, and the incredible people I had the privilege to share this experience with.

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