Bonding with my fellow companions on the Inca Trail

by: , USA -
March 27, 2014

Raul and Marco were the perfect guides all along the way. The encouragement they gave us propelled us up the mountains, through the rain, to the summit of not only the tallest peaks, but also to the culmination of our personal pilgrimages.

Marco was my personal savior. I walked in his shadow step-by-step. But no matter how exhausted we felt, our guides helped us keep the perfect pace.

Inca Trail Reservations has collected the most professional, courteous, and encouraging staff of any company I have ever dealt with. I was also beyond fortunate to share this experience with 15 other adventurers from all corners of the globe, which is in and of itself, a blessing. Book your trip with Inca Trail Reservations.

Trust me.

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