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June 30

The trip was really great. The information that the tour guides gave us was very interesting and amazing to learn. It was my first time even camping and i had a great time.

The views were amazing and i enjoyed every minute of it. Every morning we had coco tea that helped me wake up since i am not a morning person. I was surprised at some at some of the meals we had. The lomo saltado was amazing and i loved the choufa as well. I want to do this trip again one day.

I want to bring my sister along next time and have her experience the amazing culture the peru has to offer. We are peruvian decent, our parents are peruvian and from ciao in lima. My cousin did the trail and recommended for me to do it.

I am so glad i did because i got to see so amazing views along the way. I cant wait to come back and do it all over again and have another great adventure.

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