Cebolla o caballo?

by: , USA -
May 01, 2016

I had an amazing time on the Salkantay trek, the highlights being the beautiful views on every leg of the hike each day, the FOOD, our excellent guides, horsemen, cooks, and horses.

Everything was well planned out and above expectations. Both of our guides, Juan and Eber were not only great guides, but great educators as well. Both were so friendly, made us laugh, and kept us motivated when walking was tough.

The cooks managed to surprise us every meal with elaborate displays of veggie parrots and frogs, cakes, and perfectly cooked trout. There was always tons of food. The Andes were so incredible, it was hard to walk and not stop to take pictures every few feet.

Walking at elevation was definitely tough, as well as being eaten alive by mosquitoes, but having the great company of new friends and great guides made it more than worth it. I'm thankful to have had a peek at peru's history.

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