Cesar’s sexypumas

by: , British -
October 02, 2017

Our group, guided by the fabulous Cesar, had a epic trip over four days and three nights.

From the introductory briefing, the night before the trek, Cesar gave us all the essential info we needed. Full of facts and advice about what we had in-store.

We got picked up as scheduled and Cesar helped the 9 adventurers bond over breakfast and our first few hours and then later over popcorn at what became known as Cesar's happy hour.

He accomplished the tricky task of being our guide, our caretaker, our problem-solver and ultimately our friend. He took photos, answered questions and facilitated the Sexylamas becoming comrades in this journey.

We saw some amazing sites, trekked over historical lands, observed incredible views in a once in a lifetime trip.

Amazing food from the Chef Modesto, catering well for the vegatarians and "veganos" amongst us. Fanastic teamwork and efficiency from the team of "waykies" kept us clean, watered, fed and on-track.

On behalf of all of us. Thank you to Cesar, Derex and his crew.


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