Christmas 2016 with Incas

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December 25

Inca trail is a wonderful experience. You meet some people and become a family during those few days of hiking together.

Hike itself is moderate, especially the second day, but it is absolutely worth and you feel happy after you have done it. The guide is very helpful and explains everything. Our guide was a great guy and mostly he is responsible for such a great experience. He had a great sense of humour, we had funny games and competitions during the trail, he told us stories about Incas, Peru, plants growing along the trail, history of Incas and Machu Picchu itself. He always kept positive, was very professional and always told us in advance what will be next, how difficult the hike will be and how we should dress up, how many layers. So we were in a good hands all the time.

For less advanced hikers the trail was a little challenge, but there was also a second guide, who kept walking with the slower hikers and in the end everyone arrived safely to the meeting points. So of course better if you have some hiking experience, before the trail, but it is not mandatory and possible to do this with this company. Also the porters and cooks were excellent, you can eat great food during the trail, eat a fresh mate de coca everyday and feel really comfortable, even without WiFi and electricity for some days.

The last day was a little bit chaotic. At Machu Picchu you can expect crowds and long waiting line to the toilet and bus to Aguas Calientes, especially in the afternoon. It is worth to stay in Ollaytantambo one day.

Inca trail was a fantastic and lifetime experience, do not hesitate to go! .

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