Classic Inca Trail, four days and three nights in Cusco

by: , Australian -
September 07, 2012

We have started our Classic Inca Trail, four days and three nights in Cusco. My wife and I booked our tour online via the Inca Trail Reservations website. Since May, we have been in contact with the Inca Trail Reservations office regarding the trail. They have answered all our questions through various emails and correspondance quite promtly and efficiently.

We had an extra four days in cusco in order to get accostimate to the high altitude of cusco. We stayed at the Stay with Us hostel which is conveniently located in the heart of cusco and on top of the Inca Trail Reservations Office. We were able to discuss with the staff of the Inca Trail Reservations office on a daily basis and they also prontply answered our questions on the spot. It was a great idea to stay here as it was very convenient for us.

We also had to participate in a briefing with our tour guide the day before which once again answered a lot of our questions and we also felt as if we were more prepared and ready to embark on this wonderful journey. Overall, we had a wonderful experience and the Classic Inca Trail was absolutely wonderful, amazing.

On the fourth day, we arrive in Machu Picchu and were welcome by the wonderful sight of Machu Picchu Temple. Our guide took us to the hotel and we parted ways. Overall, we had a good experience on the trek.

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