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by: , south african -
December 20, 2015

I enjoy challenging myself physically, this trip was the perfect way of doing so. It not only allowed me to travel in a beautiful landscape, but introduced me to likeminded people with whom I bonded in a special way, never to forget the great times we had together.

Not only my fellow travelers, but also the staff of Inca Trail Reservations deserves special mention, particularly mamma Juana, who truly represented a mother figure within the group.

Although I am unable to speak Spanish, it did not deter me from bonding with the porters and cooks, who were always eager to share a drink or lend a helping hand throughout the course of our travels together an I will always remember them for their uplifting attitude towards our group of travelers.

I would surely recommend this trip to adventurous travelers, Inca Trail Reservations deserves ten out of ten in my book.

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